A first aid kit for the car/travel

This is actually my second revision of this blog about first aid for your car and I’ve changed a few things.  I actually started out with the idea that you want to have one small kit in your car with you all the time.  I now think that it’s generally better to have 2 kits in your car.  I find that having two kits in my vehicle is actually preferable in case I’m the first person at the scene of an accident.  I want a grab and go kit that I can bring to assist if necessary – and this is generally a smaller more portable kit.

The other kit is a duplicate of your home first aid kit.  I think it’s important to have a good quality very comprehensive kit with you in the car because as you travel, you may be in a location where there just aren’t first aid supplies available.  You will start to realize very quickly that your first aid kit is much more comprehensive than most of your friends.

For the smaller grab and go first aid kit, I recommend carrying this in something small such as a mylar pouch.  This might include the following to allow you to provide quality lifesaving CPR effectively and safely:

1)  Portable CPR mask
2)  Nitrile Gloves
3)  Absorbable bandages such as an ABD or even a feminine pad (ie. Kotex pad) – it doesn’t have to be sterile to be of assistance in a life threatening emergency
4)  Safety Glasses – for yourself
5)  Glucose Tabs – in case someone is becoming unresponsive  with low blood sugar and they could be diabetic.

For the larger kit, again I recommend a duplicate of what you have at home in your first aid kit, but with a few more considerations due to the fact that you are in a vehicle and you don’t know where you will find yourself when you need first aid supplies.  If you want to make it more compact and keep things clean/waterproof you can also vacuum seal your supplies which put your gear in waterproof bags in which the air has been sucked out by common vacuum sealers used for home food storage.

1.  4″x4″ gauze pads
2.  4″x4″ non-stick gauze pads
3.  5″x9″ larger ABD pad
4.  Roller Gauze – Kerlix
5.  ACE Bandages – multiple sizes (2″, 3″)
6.  Bandage scissors/Rescue Cutter – Benchmade Rescue Cutter
7.  Nitrile Gloves
8.  Razor Blade
9.  Alcohol Pads
10.  Betadine Pads
11.  Splinter Tweezers
12.  (1″) Adhesive tape
13.  (1″) Self Adhesive Wrap (Coban)
14.  Duct Tape
15.  Mole Skin
16.  1/2″ Band Aids
17.  3/4″ Band Aids
18.  2″ Band Aids
19.  Tourniquet – to stop heavy bleeding (be careful not to cause ischemia!)
20.  Cotton Tipped Applicators
21.  Butterfly closures
22.  Instant Glue
23.  Tegaderm pads
24.  Non-stick dressings (petroleum impregnated gauze dressing) or TegadermAdapticTelfa
25.  18 gauge needle
26.  Safety Pins
27.  Finger Splint
28.  SAM Splints (large and small)
29.  (12) Tylenol 500mg tabs
30.  (16) Ibuprofen 200mg tabs
31.  (4) Benadryl 25mg tabs
32.  (4) Loperamide 2mg tabs
33.  (4) Pepcid 10mg tabs
34.  Epinephrine Pen
35.  Sting Relief pads
36.  Antibiotic packets – Bacitracin
37.  Hydrocortisone cream
38.  Instant Cold Compress
39.  Suture scissors
40.  Needle Holder
41.  Adsons forceps
42.  Nylon sutures (for general use 4-0 Monosof) are pretty good for general use on the skin (smaller sutures needed for the face)
43.  Flashlight, preferably with a headband
44.  Glow sticks
45.  Sharpie Markers for writing notes or drawing on skin to mark injured areas for example
46.  Waterproof paper for taking notes
47.  Road Flares
48.  Fire Extinguisher (probably should be listed as number 1)
49.  Ham radio – see my blogs about amateur radio and how it can help in an emergency.
50.  Compass
51.  GPS
52.  Wet Wipes – always good to have something to clean your hands off
53.  Emergency Bivvy sack

This document is for informational purposes only, and should not be considered medical advice for any individual patient.  If you have questions please contact your medical provider.


I hope that you have found this information useful.  Wishing you the best of health,

Scott Rennie, DO

Blog: https://doctorrennie.wordpress.com


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