Royal Pains: You’ve Seen the Show, Now Meet the Real Thing

The wildly successful USA Network show, Royal Pains has recently introduced the concept of concierge medicine to a broad audience. The idea of a private physician on retainer is not new, it’s actually an old notion that in the current light of healthcare reform and provider shortage is enjoying a type of renaissance.

Dr. Rennie with a young patient

Just think of the convenience of having a doctor come to you when you’re sick. How wonderful would it be when you already have a feverish or hurt child on your hands to not have to get them out of bed and drive them to the emergency room or urgent care center where they may have to wait a long time to be seen? Or perhaps you are too busy to leave the office, but still need to get your yearly physical or refills on your medications?  Maybe you are someone who has a tough time traveling to the doctor’s office due to physical restrictions?  We thought about all of these potential issues when I created our mobile concierge medical practice – Rennie Family Health.

We are the only private physicians in the greater Seattle area who come to your home or office same day for routine physicals, illness, or injury. Our practice is built around YOUR lifestyle. We are open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year. All patients have my personal mobile number and can reach me at any time.

While our hero Dr. Hank Lawson prefers to cater exclusively to the privileged citizens in the uber-wealthy microcosm of the Hamptons, we have a slightly different philosophy and think high end, personalized medicine should be affordable to many more people. We have structured our packages and payment plans to be very affordable. We home you check out our website or view our video to learn more.


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