Gluten Free Travel Tips

For a variety of reasons, some patients prefer a gluten-free diet.  I am not promoting a Gluten-Free diet here, but just pointing out what some patients are doing and some ways to continue to be Gluten-Free if that is your choice.

Gluten is a protein that is found in foods processed from wheat and related grains including barley and rye.  It gives a kind of chewy texture to many of the food products that we eat.

1)   The Airlines are not “Gluten Friendly” so it’s safe to assume that you’ll need to pack your own pic-nick style meals.  Bringing fruits, nuts, tail-mix, cheeses and meats that you would normally eat at home and pack them into soft-sided cooler type containers or your carry on bag.

2)   Packing your own nutritional supplements containing digestive enzymes may be helpful if you can’t be entirely sure that the food your eating is totally free of glutens.  Digestive Gold is one supplement may be helpful.  Your local health-food store or may have digestive enzymes, but your favorite drug store may not.

3)   Cook for meals yourself.  When you travel, consider renting a place with a kitchenette if you can so you have the space available to create your own meals that you know are gluten free.

4)   Find a decent grocery store with a good deli instead of eating out at restaurants and fast food joints.  That way you can make your own salads, buy some meats and cheeses and create something both tasty and healthy.

Eating gluten free is definitely more work, but for those of us with Celiac Disease, on dietary restrictions or who just want to eat healthier I think the advance preparation is worth the investment.

For more information about the Gluten Free Diet, check out the Mayo Clinic Article – Gluten-Free: What’s Allowed, What’s Not:

This document is for informational purposes only, and should not be considered medical advice for any individual patient.  If you have questions please contact your medical provider.


I hope that you have found this information useful.  Wishing you the best of health,

Scott Rennie, DO



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